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Criollas Pastries started as a small Project in 2009 with hard work and lot of care to make myself and everyone else feel closer to the shore of the Rio de la Plata.

The recipes for these fine “masas” were passed down to me from my mother, Maria Esther Ferreyra. Due to the love she put in her cooking, I was able to inherit her culinary secrets, which I use daily in my cooking.

The Criollas Pastries are completely homemade and baked with the finest natural ingredients.




The Criolla food has Spanish, South American and a hint of Italian origins, the mixture of cultures have combined to produce a great variety of meals and desserts.

Criollo in Uruguayan means something that belongs to that region, distinctive and typical from a specific region.

It is hard to find these recipes since they used to be passed down generation from generation, from mothers to their daughters.

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